Renew You


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if being fat is a good thing?

On the surface, it may look bad. People may look at you with disgust. Younger kids get picked on and have difficulty fitting in with the kids at school.

You easily get tired… On and on and on with more things on why being fat might be a bad thing. On the contrary, I tend to believe that being fat is a good thing.

I have this perspective because I was fat once. There were many moments in my life where I was treated unfairly because of how fat I was. I was often looked down upon and in many cases received verbal abuse from others. But it is the pain from being fat that caused me to make the change. 

In life, we can never know what we want or where we want to go until we first know what we don’t want.

When a little kid touches a hot stove, it burns them and from there on, they don’t want to be burned like that again so they don’t touch a hot stove.

It got to the point where something inside shifted and I began to embrace my “fatness.” Because it was a lot of fuel for a big fire that I had burning. I knew what I didn’t want and this led me to better turn in to the body that I did want.

From there, I started really doing my homework, researching and experimenting with different things to find out what worked for me.

My results were fair with most things that I’ve tried.