This simple strategy frees you from complicated diet rules


Eat Stop Eat - Before and After Weight Loss

Want to loose weight overnight? Here’s the truth…

You can use this simple trick that doesn’t involve eating any “special” foods, takes only 24 hours, and lets me eat my normal favorites 72% of the time…

Best of all you can start loosing weight RIGHT NOW and look and feel noticeably slimmer by tomorrow! I, myself, lost 5.5 lbs overnight!

And a good chunk of this weight loss comes from your MOST stubborn and hard-to-lose body fat!

However keep in mind, this trick is so effective we only recommend you do it once — maybe twice — per week. 

Would you be surprised if I said there are a LOT of really dumb diets out there?

The sad truth is most diet “rules” just don’t work. However, be careful because some of them are downright dangerous and can make you fatter in the long run. Read through the page below to find out the worst diet rule that you must never follow.

Are you seeing a ton of ads and videos in your newsfeed these days about Intermittent Fasting?

I’m seeing them everywhere. And unfortunately a lot of them are from guys who are just “jumping on the bandwagon.”

Since it seems to be a hot topic again, all of a sudden the “gurus” are coming out of the woodwork.

I’ve been using IF as one of my nutritional tools off and on since 2009. And I’ve become fast friends with one of the pioneers of IF and author of the first book on the subject that dates way back to 2006, Brad Pilon.

Brad’s book Eat Stop Eat is the book on Intermittent Fasting. Besides the nuts and bolts of what to do and when, Brad covers all the research on IF-related topics… from how fasting affects blood glucose/insulin/leptin/testosterone to how it affects muscle building. Even though it was written in 2006, he updates the book every few years so that it is up to date with the latest science.

Forget what you’ve read about 10-day lemonade cleanses, 7-day detoxes with green juices, and Gwyneth’s gruel. All you need to do, and this is perfect for Saturday or or anytime really, is a simple 1-day cleanse.

You only need 24 hours, and better yet, you still get to eat real food every day. You don’t have to go hungry, or “live out of a juicer” for days while the rest of your family eats dinner or while everyone at work has a real lunch.

This 1-day cleanse formula will do three things for you:

1) It will help you quickly and easily lose the weight gain, overnight.

2) It will save you time and money, and it will leave you clear-headed and more productive.

3) It will give you an advantage over everyone you know… perfect for rebooting your health goals, your fitness or getting ahead in your ‘at work weight loss transformations’ that have become so popular here in America.

This is the solution you have been looking for. It’s quick, it works faster than anything else you could try for post-holiday cleansing, and you can easily get started TOMORROW, because it doesn’t require any fancy juice recipes or strange ingredients found in limited supply from the Amazon jungle.

In fact, the LESS you do, the MORE results you will get with this system. Get the 1-Day Cleanse for Fast Weight Loss Results

This simple strategy frees you from complicated diet rules and eliminates rebound weight gain.